Blond Ray - Raja brachyura

Blond Ray

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Species Compatibility

Large Wrasse
Large Gadiods
Bass / Beam

Suitable DisplayReef Tank
Ray Tank
Ocean Tank


A short snouted ray, the outer angles of the wings is almost right-angles. The adults backs are covered with prickles, the young are smooth except for the front edges of body. Large eyes, a row of spines runs down the back and onto the tail on small specimens but are
restricted to the tail on adults, with lateral spines only showing on adult females. Colour on the back a light fawn to brown with many small black spots.


Normally found in less than 100m and shows a preference for sandy grounds, fairly over rough ground. Makes definite local migrations often in unisexual shoals.

Species fact

Females lay about 30 egg cases, mainly from February to August, development of embryos almost 7 months.