Bull Huss - Scyliorhinus Stellaris

Common Goby

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Species Compatibility

Large Wrasse
Large Gadiods
Bass / Beam

Suitable DisplayReef Tank
Ray Tank
Ocean Tank


Long slender shark, very similar to the Cat shark.
It also has rows of sharp teeth and darker blotches are spotted down its back.Has a robust body with a broad, rounded head and two dorsal fins placed far back. The skin is rough, similar to the texture of sand paper.


It is generally found amongst rocks or algea at a depth of 20–60 m.
Have nocturnal habits and generally hide inside small holes during the day, often associating with other Bull Huss. As a predator, it feeds on a range of bony fishes, smaller sharks, crustaceans.

Species fact

Females deposit large, thick-walled egg cases, two at a time, from March to October, securing them to bunches of seaweed. The eggs take 7–12 months to hatch