Hermit Crab - Pagurus Bernhardus

Common Goby

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Usually are a reddish brown colour and will occupy any suitable shell.
An often large hermit crab with a body length that reaches 3.5 cm.
Body has a sharp point between the eyes called a rostrum.
Pincer legs are covered with small teeth.
The main body of hermit crabs is soft and twisted, allowing them to fit into coiled shells.


Can be found on all British and Irish coasts.
Can be found on rocky and sandy shores and down to depths of about 140 m. Common hermit crabs frequently inhabit the shells of dog whelks and periwinkles.

Species fact

The tail end of the hermit crab is hook shaped, which allows it to grip the inside of the shell in which it lives. Hermit crabs are scavengers, and eat both plants and animal remains.