Parasitic Anemone - Calliactis parasitica

Parasitic Anemone - Calliactis parasitica

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Base tends to have reddish or greyish brown vertical stripes and has a firm and stiff base.
Has a cream colour or blotched base.
Large anemone can grow up to 10 cm tall and 5 cm wide.
It has approximately 700 slender tentacles.


Lives in association with hermit crabs, typically those living in whelk shells.
May sometimes live alone on empty shells or attached to rock.
Found in shallow waters on many types of ground.
Mainly south and west coasts of Britain and Ireland.

Species fact

Presence of the anemone reduces likelihood of the hermit crab being eaten by providing protection and camouflage.
Is said to produce a 'neurotoxin' that can repel some other sea creatures.