RoCk Cook - Centrolabrus exoletus

RoCk Cook - Centrolabrus exoletus

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Species Compatibility

All other Wrasse
Common Goby

Suitable DisplayShore line Tank
Reef Tank
Harbour Wall


A small wrasse which grows up to 15 cm.
Its back is green to brown with blue flecking on the dorsal and anal fins.
Sides are yellow to brown with a yellowish belly.
Underside of the head has blue and pinkish, yellow stripes.


Generally found all around the UK apart from the north east.
Found in eel grass beds, near rocks and under piers.

Species fact

Also known as the small mouthed wrasse.
Builds a nest from fine algae in rock crevices.
Its also known to clean parasites from other fish, and can be used in aquariums to remove lice from other species.