Starry SmoothHound - Mustelus Asterias

Starry SmoothHound - Mustelus Asterias

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Species Compatibility

Large Wrasse
Large Gadiods
Bass / Beam

Suitable DisplayReef Tank
Ray Tank
Ocean Tank


The Starry Smoothhound, a member of the shark family, is brown with numerous pale spots along its flanks just above the lateral line.
This distinguishes it from the common Smooth Hound.


Starries are bottom living sharks which occur on a wide variety of seabed types but are most commonly encountered on sand or gravel at depths between 1-50m,. It feeds on a range of bottom-living invertebrates, especially crabs, shrimps, molluscs and worms and also some small fish.

Species fact

Give birth to live pups and normally have litters between 7 / 15 pups.