Thorneback Ray - Raja Clavata

Thorneback Ray - Raja Clavata

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Species Compatibility

Large Wrasse
Large Gadiods
Bass / Beam

Suitable DisplayReef Tank
Ray Tank
Ocean Tank


Various shades of brown to grey, often with dark and light spots or blotches, may appear as a marbled pattern. Upper surface always prickly.
Row of 30-50 thorns from back of head to first dorsal fin.
Small specimens may have distinctive yellow spots.


Frequents a wide variety of grounds from mud, sand, shingle and gravel. Found to a depth of 300 m, but most common between 10 - 60 m.
Although mainly a non-migratory species, the fish often moves close inshore during the winter and spring

Species fact

Thornback rays lay up to 150 egg cases a year. The empty egg cases are a common sight washed up on the shore and are known as mermaids purses.