Fisheries disasters declared in USA


Fishery disaster determinations have been issued in the Northeast, Alaska, and in Mississippi, USA, by acting secretary of commerce, Rebecca Blank.

NOAA says that these declarations open the door for Congress to appropriate money towards alleviating the financial hardship caused by the disaster. If money is appropriated, NOAA says it will work closely with Congress and the states to develop plans to preserve coastal communities.

Despite fishermen’s adherence to strict catch limits, several key fish stocks in the Northeast groundfish fishery are not rebuilding and further cuts are expected in 2013.

Low returns of Chinook salmon to the Yukon River, Kuskokwim River, and Cook Inlet have caused a continuation of the Yukon River commercial fishery failure in 2010-2012, a Kuskokwim River commercial fishery failure in 2011-2012, and a Cook Inlet commercial fishery failure in 2012.

Impacted by the massive freshwater impacts from the historic flooding in the lower Mississippi River in the spring of 2011, a commercial fishery failure has been declared for the Mississippi oyster fishery and the state’s blue crab fishery.