15 Spined Sticklebacks - Spinachcia

15 Spined Sticklebacks

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3 Spined Stickleback

Suitable DisplayShoreline Tank
Estuary Tank
With Artificial eel
grass we make and supply


The body is brownish in colour with a silver belly and may have dark bars on its sides. May grow up to 120 cm in length.
The body is long and slender, getting very narrow before the tail fin.


This is a marine species but can survive in brackish waters.(
Maybe found as individuals or in pairs, generally in weedy shorelines and inshore waters. Found on all coasts of Britain and Ireland, but less common in the South east.

Species fact

The male builds nests from small pieces of sea weed stuck together by a sticky secretion from their kidneys.
The female will lay 150-200 in the nest and then die shortly after.
The male is left to tend the eggs and guards the nest.