Beadlet Anemone - Actinia Equine

Beadlet Anemone

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Suitable DisplayRockpool Tank
Shoreline Tank
Dome Tank


There are bright blue, wart like spots often present and is usually red, green, brown or orange in colour.
Looks like shiny blob of jelly when tide goes out.
Broad base up to 5 cm in diameter, usually wider than tall.
Up to 192 retractable tentacles arranged in 6 circles.


Can be found all around the coasts of Britain and Ireland.
Attached to rocks and in rock pools.

Species fact

Displays aggressive behaviour towards neighbouring individuals; stimulated when the tentacles of adjacent anemones come into contact.
The 'aggressor' releases stinging capsules, which result in the victim either crawling away or dropping off the surface on which it is attached.