A starfish supply provides and excellent services in the supply of native marine livestock for our displays, these displays are enjoyed by millions of people every year and are key in promoting our messages of education and conservation.   Displays of native marine life have always formed the backbone of any SeaLife aquarium as we feel it is key to provide people with an understanding and thus appreciation of the inhabitants of their local seas.   While viewing these beautiful creatures in naturally themed displays along with our educational and conservational messages we wish to inspire people to cherish and conserve their local wildlife.    Starfish supplies provide a vital link in supplying livestock that has been handled sensitively every step of the way, enabling us to present world class displays to inspire the public and promote conservation.

Paul Hale
SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Having used starfish supplies on a regular basis for the last 10 years, has enabled us to rely on fish specimens for are aquarium. This has transformed are ability to be able to teach the general public on the vast array of species found in local waters. This is very important to us as we have many people visit are area on a regular basis and there general knowledge of the fish in are waters is poor. The fish that we have purchased over the last 10 years have been of excellent condition and have been of superb health. The running of an Aquarium is a time consuming business and we rely on firms like starfish supplies to give us a regular supply of fish. This enables us to look after are fish and teach the visitors to are aquarium what they could find in local waters.

M & D. Gollop
Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium
Lyme Regis, Dorset

The Marine display at Kew gardens is an aquarium dedicated to show and educate the more than million visitors to Kew about the wonders and importance of  tropical and British marine habitats.  Established in 1981 the displays are a Hugh hit with our visitors especially the younger ones. Kew exhibits 5 native habitats a rocky shore, kelp forest,rock pool, sea grass bed and salt marsh. Each of these displays need animals to make them come alive and for many years now we have been using Starfish supplies as our main supplier. I have always found their animals to be in top condition..

Peter Morris

SeaQuarium have been using Starfish supplies for just over a year to supply us with Rock pool animals including mussels, scallops, starfish, assorted fish and anemones. These specimens are primarily kept within our education zone.

Our educational zone is used daily to perform presentations to the general public and to an even greater degree between Easter and the summer when hundreds of school children enter the aquarium daily. The specimens within these exhibits are crucial to captivate the children’s imagination as curriculum based talks on food chains, life cycles, ‘minibeasts’ and the importance of not littering are performed.

We at SeaQuarium have been committed to educating the public about native marine life and the conservational issues they face. Our native marine ocean tunnel and Ray pool exhibits remain to be our most popular as visitors are readily amazed by what life is found within UK oceans.

We are hoping to further use Starfish supplies to populate our Ocean tunnel and Ray pool exhibits. Information boards are set around these exhibits on such topics as marine reserves, local beach clean locations and times, overfishing and how the public can responsibly buy and how the public can help marine conservation charities which we stress is all relevant to our local oceans.

Companies such as Starfish supplies are essential for the responsible development of our native marine exhibits, we can rely on responsible and sustainable fishing methods which is essential not just for the legislation which governs the aquarium but to be inline with the educational message we are conveying to our visitors.

Hayley Upham
Displays Manager Sea Aquarium
Weston Supermare

As an aquarist in a small aquarium in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland I would like to highlight my support for companies such as Starfish Supplies. At our aquarium we have an extensive display of tropical species along with our native species. It is strange to think it is so much easier to order an unusual tropical species than a similar native species. We try to represent the local environment as much as possible and have tanks resembling the rockpools and intertidal habitat as well as deeper waters. The need for a supplier of native species in top condition is very important to our work. We endeavour to educate the general public aboutt he animals that can be found around our coasts and how they survive and adapt to their habitat. There is such a huge variety of species in our local waters and so few of them are readily available to us in the aquarium so our displays suffer. Having access to a supplier of great quality native marine species is of the utmost importance to our aquariums and is extremely beneficial for the education of the public. Many people in our own locality are unfamiliar with the variety of native species to be found in our waters. Add to this tourists (which provide most of our trade) who want to learn more about the area they are visiting, and there is a large audience wanting to view a selection of our native species. Hopefully companies such as Starfish Supplies can develop to serve the needs of such aquariums.

Katie O’Dwyer
Head Aquarist
Dingle Oceanworld

Starfish supplies have helped us by providing animals for an extended investigation for a BTEC National Diploma fisheries management ornamental student on Native marine fish displays. They were extremely helpful and dealt with the student directly ensuring that he was only obtaining animals that were suitable for the setting he had at college, ensuring animal welfare.

Ellen Ashford
Aquatics Technician
Sparsholt College, Hampshire.

We choose NMC as our sole supplier as we have confidence in their methods of collection, their concern and care for marine habitats and the protection of those habitats during collection of stock.

Paul Tyson
Aquarium Curator
World Museum, Liverpool

We have been very impressed with the condition of the animals we receive, which would indicate that they have been collected and handled in a conscientious manner. Indeed, from what we have seen, NMC have been professional in all aspects of their business.

Christopher Gamble
Displays Officer
Macduff Marine Aquarium

We have found this company to be very reliable and competent in their sourcing of native marine fish and invertebrates. The fish arrived in perfect condition, free of any noticeable diseases. They are packed to the highest standards possible. The bags containing the fish were not overstocked and the water quality was excellent. Within five hours of them arriving the fish fed immediately and were not stressed in anyway. I would not hesitate in using this company in the future for supplying and sourcing native marines.

Jim Clubb
Heythrop Zoological Gardens Ltd

NMC have provided native marine species and advice for the Ilfracombe Aquarium over the last 10 years. Throughout this time the service that has been provided has been excellent with particular attention being given to the welfare of each species.

Lawrence Raybone
Ilfracombe aquarium

The quality of stock you supply is excellent and you provide an important service to the public aquarium industry which is based on educating the public about the aquatic environment.

Jamie Craggs
Aquarium Curator
Horniman Museum & Gardens

The Bournemouth Oceanarium have used NMC on numerous occasions to provide native marine livestock for various exhibits in the aquarium. The animals received have always shown good health and longevity, many are still in the collection after over 8 years, others have been successfully moved on to different aquariums.

Oliver Buttling
Group Curator (Aquatics)
Oceanarium Bournemouth